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Art & Architecture. My favorite combo.

Updated: Jul 8

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is one of my favorite places in Florida, and I admire the art of the Spanish genius. It's a small museum, but the collection is world-class—a great chance to see how Dali's paintings evolved. I could be wandering around for hours in this museum. The Lincoln in Dali Vision always amazes me no matter how many times I see it.

Once you enter the building, you are swept away by the spiraling concrete staircase and the specially designed windows. The upper level offers beautiful views of the St. Pete Bay area, and it's also where you will find the exhibition. There is a virtual reality room where one of Dali's paintings comes to life. You can get timed tickets at the front desk free of charge.

There is also a little café and a garden with multiple statues. The gift shop offers plenty of souvenirs and a great selection of Dali's reproduction prints.

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