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How did I become an Artist?

Was I born to be an artist? Possibly. I have always been passionate about creating and love exploring the unknown. Some people know very young what they want to be, but I wasn't one of them.

I think it's because the artist within me was silenced by the schooling system, where I've been taught to follow authority, take good notes, and repeat what I learned to the teacher—hardly an encouragement to be creative. Also, my drawing skills were not as good as some of the other kids at school, so I assumed I was not good enough to become an artist. My parents never pushed me to pursue any career, and my mom has always given me a choice to be who I wanted to be. The only thing she ever wanted for me was to be happy. I would often ask her what I should do, and her reply would be, it doesn't matter as long you are happy.


Fast forward to the year I got married and had a year off work. The sabbatical was not by choice but by the long delays in every part of the emigration process caused by the pandemic. During this time, I returned to painting. I learned to sew and make sourdough bread and tried little DIY projects from Pinterest. I made things just for the hell of it. I discovered just how much I enjoy working with my hands and that making things meditatively affects me. I became more self-aware and leaned into the things that made me happy. Creating art made me happy. Life always has a way of working itself out, and I believe everything happens for a reason, we meet people for a reason.


One day, I was searching for a hairstylist on Instagram (pandemic hair was not a good look), and I stumbled across a post: a call for artists to display their work at a local hair salon. I thought to myself, hm, I wonder if I could make some art to sell. I emailed Patricia ( the owner of Venue Salon), we met, and three months later, I installed ten artworks at the salon. I started an Instagram account and got creative. I will never forget how I felt when Patricia messaged me to say, "Please bring more art." WHAT? My art was selling! Whoa. It still feels like a dream.

Patricia the owner of Venue Salon (my Fairy Godmother) and I.

Things escalated quickly from this point; people started to reach out on Instagram and wanted to buy my artwork. By the end of that year (2021), I had sold 20 plus pieces and had completed my first large commissioned artwork.

The End. No, scratch that.

This is just the beginning!

To learn more about Venue Salon click the button below.

Ciao for now,

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