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The road that led me home.

As a child, I would daydream daily about faraway destinations. What would it feel like to swim in the ocean, stand under the Christ De Redeemer statue, live on a tropical island, or see the northern lights? I had a powerful desire to leave my small town and explore the world.

Slovakian county side
I come from a tiny town in the southwest of Slovakia called Hurbanovo.

The one memory that has stuck with me is walking to school at 7 am on a dark winter morning, it was cold, and there was snow on the road. My Discman was playing all the nineties tunes (yeap, I know, thankful for anti-wrinkle creams forever). As I was walking to school to attend a class of descriptive geometry, all I could think of was that I wanted to live in a warm place where there was no winter. I knew then that I had to leave my country with heavy grey clouds above and make a life where the sun always shines.

Twenty-something years old me at my favorite sunset spot in Cyprus.

As soon as I finished my studies, I left for a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Moving to a foreign country alone before I turned twenty was a liberating feeling. This was before I had an email address or a phone camera. (ugh, this makes me feel old) I would send postcards and handwritten letters to my family with real photos. My English was very basic at this time, and for the first few months, I struggled to express myself, and my little dictionary was always in my pocket. I settled in and called Cyprus my home for a decade.

I've always had a positive outlook on life.

Life happens, relationships end, and I knew I had to move forward. I made traveling a part of my life by getting seasonal jobs at different locations. Getting a job in Lapland, hundred miles above the arctic circle, may not have been my brightest idea. But it has given me an appreciation for warm summer days.

Hanging out with Santas Reindeer on my lunch break in Lapland.

King Crab fishing in Norway.

Thailand has earned a special place in my heart.

New York is always a good idea.

The most expensive ice cream I've ever had in Italy.

Traveling gave me a new perspective, helped me see the world with fresh eyes, and exposed me to different cultures and traditions. These authentic encounters taught me that the world is a beautiful place full of kind people. Traveling gave me confidence, brought new friends into my life I wouldn't have met otherwise, made me more aware and open to new things, and helped me re-evaluate and reinvent my life. The time I spent traveling was the best investment in myself.

And for this reason, I am considering hosting a small group trip to a beautiful destination where we could connect. If you are ready to enrich your life, make memories, and build lifelong friendships, click the button below and fill out the form.

Thank You for being here; I am already excited about our future trip together!

Ciao for now,

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