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Artist Statement

My approach to each work is rooted in my interest in the space between fine arts, design, and craftsmanship. I create within this fascinating intersection using my hands, head, and heart. 


I am deeply committed to the handmade aspects of my work, and my vision is to create contemporary sculptural art through the combination of organic mediums that connects the viewer to the natural world by exploring geometric shapes, repetitive patterns, and abstract imagery. 

Katarina Tifft
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About the Artist

I am a Florida-based multi-passionate artist originally from former Czechoslovakia. My first language is Hungarian, and I graduated from the Industrial School of Civil Engineering, specializing in water management. (2004- Hurbanovo) 

Over the years, I lived in different parts of the world, including the mediterranean island of Cyprus, arctic Lapland, and the Hamptons. I finally made it to Florida, keen to unleash my inner artist.

My current body of work began in 2020 during an involuntary sabbatical brought on by the pandemic-related delays in the immigration process. I gave in to the temptation to keep my hands busy, and I began experimenting with seashells. I wandered through the rabbit holes that made me happiest. Naturally, the things I was most passionate about also resonated with many other people, and my personal exploration expanded into my current form of work.

Today, my art can be found in upscale homes, spas and hotels, including The Coast- Tapestry Collection by Hilton (Rehoboth Beach). 


I approach the creative process with a sense of exploration and allow myself to wander off course when a new idea strikes. I often ponder over different shapes and patterns, and the endless possibilities of creating a composition both excite and annoy me at the same time. 

My art practice feeds my naturally curious and creative nature, and I live a fulfilled, creative life through it.


I find inspiration everywhere, and my creativity flows easily. My love of geometry and symmetry often emerges in my works, and I am drawn to organic patterns and shapes. I revere the natural world around me and am greatly inspired by the delicate patterns revealed in the ordinary. The aesthetics of my work is influenced by coastal living and a passion for interior design. 

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Artists that greatly inspire me on my creative journey:

Trudy Lynn Eliott

Heather Knight

Gina Feddersen

Sabrinah Chappel

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