From a young age, I was very creative. I remember being passionate about anything that intrigued my mind and soul.

All my life I have been searching for new experiences. Traveling was a big part of my life before I moved to Lakeland, Florida. Living in different parts of the world and being exposed to diverse cultural experiences made me the person I am today. 


Creating has been my type of meditation for a while now. It's a very rewarding feeling when my vision comes to life. The process of making art is a long road of ups and downs, but with constant change and experimentation, I am able to transform my imagination into something beautiful. Through this process, I can learn, grow and move forward in life. 

The inspiration behind most of my works are the organic, textured patterns found in nature, the soft tones, and the clean aesthetics that are influenced by coastal living.

In a world of mass production, I take pride in handcrafting pieces that are unique and modern yet simple and timeless. I create because I enjoy the process. I want my art to make people stop for a moment, stare, take a step closer and evoke an urge to touch and feel the texture, to me, this is like speaking to people through the beauty of art. 



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