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How to find the right artwork?

Updated: May 20

Art tends to be a very personal decision, and it's a matter of personal taste above all else.

A work of art needs to speak to you, move you, make you dream, inspire you every day. You need to feel it and fall in love with it.

I can only hope that you fall in love with my shellscapes, but why not go on to explore other works by different artists, and in the end, you can always come back to your first love. I will be here when you are ready. Your first love may not be (they are selling fast). But jokes aside,

look up emerging artists near you. If there is an art show in your city, just go! Explore and see what speaks to you. Before buying, get to know the artist, read about them, follow them on social media. Get to know the person behind the art. This will help you form a deeper connection.

Buying art from up-and-coming artists who are only starting to make a name for themselves is an investment and investing in emerging artists by buying their art is one of the most incredible things to do, especially if you love what they create. Perhaps they are already very talented, but just imagine the art they will make in a decade or so. But for artists to develop, they need collectors who support and believe in them.

There is art for every budget. You can easily start your own art collection by selecting pieces that speak to you. Let it be prints, photographs, original paintings, or shellscapes. Mix them all together and create a collection that transmits who you are to the world. Maybe you like to decorate your home with mass-produced canvas prints from HomeGoods because they are more affordable and they match your couch. I am not judging you (okay, perhaps I am), but will you love it and pass it down to generations to come, or will it end up in goodwill next year? I don't know about you, but I believe in quality over quantity.

You see, buying art is an opportunity to start your own unique collection that will evolve as you do and give your space that collected over time look. Art is a fantastic way to decorate your home, and it can add texture, depth, and character, elevating your space.

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